Events and Media

Since its inception, the RPHC has hosted and sponsored numerous events, among them bringing speakers from Atlanta to South Africa to Emory to address the critical connection of religion and/or theology to public health issues. This past year, in concert with the Emory Center for Ethics, we hosted three distinguished luminaries in a series of three lectures in our Public Health, Religion, and Ethics Speaker Series – President Jimmy Carter, Helene Gayle, MD, MPH, and CEO of CARE, USA, and Laurie Zoloth, PhD, Northwestern University.  Each of these lectures addressed pressing issues and offered provocative solutions to the looming concerns of social justice, development, and affordable health care.

Additionally, the RPHC and the Interfaith Health Program hosted a series of roundtable discussions this past academic year on topics in religion and public health, such as gender and religion, HIV prevention, reproductive health, and others.

In our archives, we capture several events.  Emory faculty and students have undertaken research projects with funds awarded to them by the RPHC, and their results have been presented to the Emory community in two research symposia.  Also, we have hosted two critical conferences, the first in collaboration with our South African partners from ARHAP (African Religious Health Assets Programme, now know as IRHAP),  and one with our partners at the Emory Center for Ethics.

A detailed master calendar gives an outline of our activities since 2007.  From that, we extracted a list of lectures, with video links for some, and discussions that have been held within the Emory community and beyond.  Finally, we include a detailed look at our conferences and research symposia, which give an in-depth view of our