Our History

The Religion and Public Health Collaborative was founded in 2006 as part of the Emory University Strategic Plan, “Where Courageous Inquiry Leads.”  Of the five strategic themes identified in the plan, the fourth, “Confronting the Human Condition and Human Experience,” was designed to delve into human existence of the past, present, and future through the collective lenses of humanists, scientists, artists, and social scientists.  Three university-wide areas of study were identified within this theme: Religion and the Human Spirit, Global Health, and Race and Difference.  Of these, the Religion and Public Health Collaborative was one of six sub-initiatives of the Religion and the Human Spirit initiative.

Since 2007, the Collaborative has provided rich and varied offerings to not only Emory University, but to the greater community that includes local, national, and international public health practitioners and research scholars.  Click on the chart below to view our timeline and see how we continue to delve into the field of religion and public health.